[mythtv] [Philosophical Discussion] VCDX patch for MythDVD

Roy Hooper rhooper at toybox.ca
Tue Aug 26 23:02:51 EDT 2003

Mark Edwards wrote:

>Mark -
>you make a very interesting point re- archiving. If I may, I would be keen
>for you to consider the concept of Hierarchical Storage Management". This is
>where the metadata for a particular file can be on the local online storage,
>however the real data may have been 'migrated' to lower-cost or
>lower-availability storage (such as offline disk, optical disk, tape etc)
>The file is however retrievable - the operating system knows from the
>metadata where the file is and requests access to the media - if warranted.
>Migration of files (in a true HSM system) is rules-based....
>It may be possible to implement a similar archival feature in MYth - where
>the metadata (and ultimate location of the file) is stored in the database.
>Migration could occur either manually or as part of a set of rules... just
>leave a blank cd/dvd in your drive overnight and your least wached episodes
>of Buffy (or whatever) find themselves transocded and migrated to DVD -
>they're still in the database however and when you want to watch them, it
>just asks you for the right disc...
>This is pretty much what I think you are suggesting, so with a simple rules
>engine and schema we would have ourselves a true media HSM system...

Add a 200 disk DVD changer to the picture, and you've got nearline 
storage :)

This is something that is on my radar.  I was thinking of doing some 
work at some point to let my wife archive shows to DVD (with a menu, 
playable in any old DVD player that can play DVD-R).  When/if I get 
around to it, it'll likely be a web based UI, although I am working on 
learning QT so I can make an improved search interface... The single 
letter method has far too many options to scroll through.


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