[mythtv] DVB Code Update

Kenneth Aafloy ke-aa at frisurf.no
Wed Aug 27 04:06:50 EDT 2003

Hi all DVB Users!

This is the current code that I'm using on my system for dvb-support.

Just overwrite the dvb* files in libs/libmythtv, and do the
patch for some minor changes to libmythtv.pro & tv_rec.cpp.

(Note: You need the pids patch for this..
        (Included a copy of cvs.sql for your convinience))

 - Near total rewrite of DVBChannel & DVBRecorder.
 - Simple CAM support.
    (Works very well here now, it sets any CAM you have inserted,
     add DEFINES += USING_CAM to your settings.pro before compiling)
 - Faster channel changes & no tuning if channel is on same transponder.
    (Some 700ms here)
 - Skips some steps in DVBRecorder (Maybe usable for HDTVRecorder too?).
    (Should use fever cycles now, but no seektable(yet)
     (I think I broke that seektable stuff in CVS anyways))
 - Early (and ugly) work on a Section parser, for EPG++
    (The main thing is that this is needed for CAM support.)

Feel free to test if you want.


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