[mythtv] Re:Mini patch: DVB Pids

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Tue Aug 26 11:31:23 EDT 2003

On Tuesday 26 August 2003 07:33 am, Ramon Roca wrote:
> well, since storing data/user setup into the database is not longer needed,
> you can also take out mysql...
> looks like a very complete dvb setup / lightweight database-free version is
> coming!
> does anybody have an idea of when it will be available? I'm don't want to
> stress anybody, although soccer season have just started now, I can still
> setup vdr for that.

What are you smoking?  I'm talking about the tables which you are populating 
with data in the insert script and aren't writing to _at all_ in the code.  
Why would they need to go into the database if they're going to be the exact 
same thing for every single user?  If they're in the source (like the analog 
channel frequency tables), there's no need to do a database hit, and that 
makes the code _faster_.  You haven't said anything contrary to that except 
"they might need to be updated every couple months."

I begin to see why you can't seem to contribute to this project in a 
meaningful way.


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