[mythtv] Re: Mini patch: DVB Pids

Ben Bucksch linux.news at bucksch.org
Tue Aug 26 03:35:10 EDT 2003

Thanks Ed, for trying to mediate.

Edward Wildgoose wrote:

>In a nutshell I have ammended the DB pid table to have 6 pid columns now:
>:: pids_audio    :: pids_video :: pids_teletext ::
>:: pids_subtitles :: pids_pcr   :: pids_other    ::
Looks great to me.

Just add AC3 maybe, if that's important to distinguish from audio (it's 
a totally different data format). But Kenneth probably knows better, as 
it's the CAM support which is the current, main reason for separating 
the columns at all. Just a data point: I think it's entirely reasonable 
to have both a stereo (incl. Dolby Pro Logic) and an AC3 (=Dolby 
Digital) stream, and the AC3 stream isn't always present/meaningful, 
while the stereo stream is always present, but the AC3 stream is 
preferred, if it's meaningful (not sure, if that can be determined by 
software). So, personally, I'd include an "pids_ac3" field, but I don't 
know all the technical details (incl. CAM) to form an educated opinion.

>The change to dvb_channel is trivial and just hooks out these six columns
>and concatenates them together.
Yes. Thanks for pointing out that we might end up with e.g. 
"456,457,,,,". I checked the Qt docs and the split function by default 
does not return empty entries, so we don't have a problem here, you can 
remove the comment.

>Oh, please also notice that I am including all the other tables that Ramon has proposed.
Personally, I'd leave them out for now and include them in the 
mythchannels patch, but I leave that to Isaac. (But I agree with what he 
said so far.)

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