[mythtv] Mini patch: DVB Pids

Ramon Roca ramon.roca at xcombo.com
Tue Aug 26 02:21:36 EDT 2003

> All the extra tables seem to be fairly static data, so, why store that in
> database at all?

-crypt, providers, conditionalacces:
The information was taken from my a few weeks ago with what I found at
SatcoDX site, but might change time to time when proveiders appear,
disappear, merge or change their encryption methods. Will not happen often
but happens. To give an exmple, last month in Spain was a effective after
the UE approval a merge between "Canal Digital" and "Via Digitial" creating
"Digital+". Although they now still support their previous encryption
methods (SECA2 and NAGRA respectively), they have plans to change that in
the near future, etc.
I took them from getchannels.pl, which deals with SatcoDX, I was unable to
get the language description from all of them. I've looking to some etsi
papers for that but not sure how to map them. So looks like we might still
need some update in the future... Once getting it complete maybe the more
stable one, but could be also nice to provide in the future  flexibility to
the users to delete the languages  that they are not interested in (there is
a lots of them!), so then they can customize its contents. That will be a
lot easier to implement if it's stored in tables.

That's related to to every single DVB-s user setup. Describes a commuter to
handle several dishes therefore get channel reception from several

Very much stable, but not static at all. Satellites might be launched time
to time... also got the list from SatcoDX, but note that current list is
still incomplete since just covers half of the globe (from east america to
west asia): Like languages, might be also something nice to be customized in
the future since a user will be in a fixed latitude therefore only have
vision to a few of them and even not interested in all of those. In other
words, right now I was just loading the list of all the sattellites that
currently have reported digital channels, but looks like a table that makes
sense to have a table with a customized content.

In a summary, since I just though that wasn't 100% static, to aviod a need
for a software upgrade in case that a change occurs, make easier future
customizations and, at all, all of this is just data, I just though that was
the right place to be.

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