[mythtv] Mini patch: DVB Pids

Ramon Roca ramon.roca at xcombo.com
Tue Aug 26 01:50:37 EDT 2003

To me any real step forward regardless if it is big or not is just *very
wellcome*. I have no problem in using any column name as long as we know
what it contains.

By looking how you are renaming the columns, it's clear to me how to map
them, btw, are you willing to update mythchannels code accoirdingly?

Within mythchannels, there was only logic for filling those pid types if
they were available, in other words, just collecting this information but
not using it yet. There is still a need to develop later on the logic to it,
so looks reasonable to expect that as long as the things go forward, more
changes will be needed.

Just a couple of comments:

Probably to have it commited, Isaac will want to create a new
"0.11-to-0.12.sql" to provide a database migration script for the database
(which in this case, since it's the first database modification, can be
exactly the same code as you have already provided in "cvs.sql")

About "cvs.sql", maybe will be a good idea to take out the lines where the
pids columns names are renamed in the case that a previous mythchannels was
applied and have them in a separate script for those who need that migration
path. When a single statement fails the sql script doesn't execute the
following statements, so we should keep cvs.sql clean and working for those
who are just upgrading from CVS.

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Subject: [mythtv] Mini patch: DVB Pids

> What to do with the pids field in the database has been a hot issue, so
> hopefully putting an acceptable mini patch on the table that I would like
> everyone to bludgeon into an acceptable state and then, with luck, we can
> move on and do something with it.
> If everyone agrees (Ben, Ramon, Kenneth), or at least doesn't disagree,
> can we please have this committed
> In a nutshell I have ammended the DB pid table to have 6 pid columns now:
> :: pids_audio    :: pids_video :: pids_teletext ::
> :: pids_subtitles :: pids_pcr   :: pids_other    ::
> I believe these are the acceptable names for things, and the only point to
> watch seems to be whether "pids_subtitles" should be plural, ie with an
> on the end.  In seperate emails I have seen it both ways, so I have
> for the plural here.
> The change to dvb_channel is trivial and just hooks out these six columns
> and concatenates them together.  Although this could be done in an
> alternative way, I am hoping that we can put the patch in as-is to keep
> modifications small and I will then have another patch coming up soon
> which will neaten things up.  The point here is more to get agreement on
> column names
> Oh, please also notice that I am including all the other tables that Ramon
> has proposed.  After looking at them they all seem quite reasonable to me.
> There *are* two extra tables on the end for the channel groupings which I
> have also left in - these are not going to be used until mythchannels
> develops, so I would be happy to remove them for the time being if
> requested?
> I would be grateful for feedback and a checkin if nothing arises from the
> review.
> Thanks all
> Ed W


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