[mythtv] Mini patch: DVB Pids

Edward Wildgoose edward.wildgoose at frmhedge.com
Tue Aug 26 00:36:18 EDT 2003

> On Monday 25 August 2003 02:12 pm, Edward Wildgoose wrote:
> > Oh, please also notice that I am including all the other tables that
> > has proposed.  After looking at them they all seem quite reasonable to
> > There *are* two extra tables on the end for the channel groupings which
> > have also left in - these are not going to be used until mythchannels
> > develops, so I would be happy to remove them for the time being if
> > requested?
> All the extra tables seem to be fairly static data, so, why store that in
> database at all?

No special reason, except that I tend to think that it's useful to have all
your lookups in one place.  I did think the same until I had a closer look,
and I think most of these do deserve to stay.

Being specific:

crypt and providers: I guess these are semi static.  From time to time these
will get added to, but otherwise I guess they are complete.  However, note
that they are foreign key relations in the channels_dvb table, so it might
be a bit confusing to put them in a static data file (or compiled in)

conditionalaccess: I will have to defer to Kenneth as to how this is used
because I don't fully understand the encrypted channels stuff.  However,
it's basically a mapping between physical cards in your PC and what
encryption each can receive.  This would be updated at setup time, so seems
like a good thing to have in the DB

languages: dvb audio pids language lookup.  Could be put in a static file I
guess...   Seems OK in the DB, and perhaps could actually be extended for
other language type lookups as myth goes more multi-lingual?

diseq and diseqcports - entered as setup info

satellites - list of satellite identifiers, but note that it is then going
to be used as a foreign key in diseqcports

So broadly speaking I would have thought that it was worth keeping these in
the DB so that the foreign key relationships are clear (and could
potentially be enforced with databases that support that kind of thing)

Comments would be appreciated.  Happy to change any of the above, just want
to bash this out and get something which works for everyone


Ed W

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