[mythtv] [Philosophical Discussion] VCDX patch for MythDVD

Mark Edwards mark at edwards.homelinux.net
Tue Aug 26 08:49:27 EDT 2003

Thor, Isaac

Thanks for committing my patch... In doing this it raised a number of
questions in my mind that I would like to gauge your opinion on:

1. Should VCDX go in MythDVD or MythVideo? ( This was an easy one )
2. If a user has only a single DVD drive, but still wants to play VCD's, why
do they need two buttons to push? The answer to this question is that I
havn't quite figured out how to do an 'autodetect' of the optical media that
has been inserted - and to then invoke the right player. Problem is, that
looking at xine and mplayer - doesn't look like those guys have really
figured it out yet either.

Addtionally, I have a number of movies that are on CD, but they are not a
standards-based format, they are just single AVI files on an
ISO9660/(Joliet) filesystem.. It would, IMHO, be ideal if media was inserted
into the drive (whether it be DVD, CDROM etc) and the play button pressed.
The software would then be able to pick up whatever media it was and launch
the apprpriate player whether it be a DVD player, VCD, SVCD, ISO9660 AVI,MPG

So. The matter at hand...

1. One "Play" button or "Two" (or "three" etc..)
2. Does a 'media autoscan' feature meet with the design direction of MythDVD
that you had intended? This would of course mean that MythDVD doesn't really
which isn't really a viable descriptor, but would perhaps be slightly more

Additionally, looking at MythVideo and MythDVD, it would be nice (on
ripping) to be able to pick up the IMDB details of the movie and stick it
into the database. Havn't really trawled the code to see if this is being
done, but it seems logical from a usability perspective. This is already a
function of MythVideo. With the only perceivable difference between MythDVD
and MythVideo (from a playing perspective) being the media where the video
is actually stored, do you perhaps see a merging of MythDVD and MythVideo
functionality anywhere on the horizon?


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> On Sunday 24 August 2003 06:40 pm, Mark Edwards wrote:
> > Sorry about that Thor - not quite sure what happened there... Here's the
> > fixed archive.
> This is now in CVS. Seems to work great (thanks), although I don't
> have any VCD's to test it on.
> - thor
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