[mythtv] Audio level normalization

Roy Hooper rhooper at toybox.ca
Mon Aug 25 12:26:48 EDT 2003

Reza Naima wrote:

>I'm keen to add some code to normalize audio levels -- either before
>encoding -- or during playback.  I'm sick of having to constantly adjust
>the volume at night so as not to disturb others sleeping in the house
>whenever an explosion goes off in some movie -- only not to be able to
>hear the dialog in the next scene.  I was wondering if there was any
>other interest for this feature, and peoples opinions on where in the
>code this should be inserted..
I'm definitely interested.  This is a problem for me as well ... as is 
the fact that MythMusic's volume level is almost double the volume level 
of MythTV even with line in set to max volume.

I would think there's two places that normalization code could go -- 
during recording/transcoding, or during playback.  For best results, 
though, I suspect you'll probably want something running during record 
to keep periodic min/max level statistics (say once per second).. Those 
stats can then be used to perform normalization during playback on-demand.

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