[mythtv] MythMusic

rwk at americom.com rwk at americom.com
Mon Aug 25 04:35:28 EDT 2003

> > > Do your filenames have unicode/UTF-8 characters, or 8-bit ascii?
> > 
> > 8-bit ascii
> What is 8-bit ASCII? I think ASCII is 7-bit only. But there are some
> other encodings, such as ISO-8859-1 also called Latin-1, that are 8-bit
> and contains all ASCII codes and 128 other.

Your splitting hairs...  8-bit ascii is all 8 bits imported, no matter
how the are interpreted when displayed.  In this case ISO-8859-1 will
do, but what I care about is that 8-bits are inserted and not the whole
record ignored.

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