[mythtv] Touchscreen support

Kenneth Aafloy ke-aa at frisurf.no
Mon Aug 25 04:36:59 EDT 2003

dyno wrote:

> My Progamming experience is very limited, although I do plan
> trying to make one or two modules if I can figure out how,
> and if an offical patch isn't released to support mouse input,
> then maybe I'll look into that too.
> Is there any documentation on making modules for mythtv?

I belive there is not, best bet would be to have a look at
the mythvideo plugin (which is one of the simplest),
and just take it from there.

I too, want the mouse implementation code to go into mythtv
(as I have a habbit of using it for bout everything:).

I'll try to help out with this, if you choose to go forward with it!


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