[mythtv] [PATCH] Re: policy on using 'VERBOSE' in myth

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Sun Aug 24 22:05:59 EDT 2003

On Sunday 24 August 2003 08:06 pm, Geoffrey Hausheer wrote:
> Okay, well, here is a patch that actually implements a useful 'VERBOSE'
> command.
> '--verbose' in mythbackend now takes an argument to enable different
> sections.  the default is 'general', which is less verbose than it use to
> be without '-v' (with some exceptions).  To enable specific options, a
> comma seperated argument after  '-v' will work.  '-v all' is equivalent
> to what '-v' was before the patch.
> The availiable flags for 'VERBOSE' are:
> VB_IMPORTANT : I haven't actually used this one yet, but it should be all
> mesages that are very important but non fatal.
> VB_GENERAL   : This is anything the 'normal' user might want to know
> about
> VB_RECORD    : Debug messages related to recording
> VB_PLAYBACK  : Debug messages related to playback
> VB_OSD       : Debug messages related to the OSD
> VB_CHANNEL   : Debug messages related to changing channels
> VB_FILE      : Debug messages related to reading/writing files
> (the defulat is VB_IMPORTANT | VB_GENERAL)
> I have done most of libmythtv, but haven't done much with mythbackend yet
> (besides the mandatory changes).
> Isaac, if you like the idea, but think this is too much to do all at
> once, only the changes to libmyth, tv_play.cpp, and mythbackend are
> needed.  Everything else could be added later.

This looks fine to me, but you've only got:

enum VerboseMask {
    VB_GENERAL  = 0x01,
    VB_RECORD   = 0x02,
    VB_PLAYBACK = 0x04,
    VB_CHANNEL  = 0x08,
    VB_NONE     = 0x00,
    VB_ALL      = 0xff

in the patch, not what you described?


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