[mythtv] Multiple card / recording profiles suggestion

Chris B news at semperpax.com
Sun Aug 24 19:47:57 EDT 2003

I've 2 capture cards, 1 PVR-250 and 1 vanilla BTTV, and a low-end PC.
I obviously would like to use the 2 cards for things like PIP but the 
recording  profiles should be quite different. I use 720x576 for my pvr, 
as it doesn't impact my CPU and would like to use 320x240 for the bttv, 
which is what my CPU would accept. It is not possible for the moment (or 
I really missed something!) as the profiles are system-wide.
I assume this problem will get worse once the full ivtv settings will be 
icorporated in the profiles.

Would'n it be a goo idea to have sets of recording profiles PER capture 
card, rather than system wide?

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