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rwk at americom.com rwk at americom.com
Sun Aug 24 07:14:44 EDT 2003

MythMusic fails to import any tracks which contain special characters.
For example the first track from "Most Famous Opera Duets":

Les PÍcheurs de perles, opera in 3 acts- Act I- Au Fond Du Temple Saint.mp3

The "Í" character seems to prevent the title from being imported into
mysql.  There are 14 tracks on this album and only 7 are imported doing
a "Scan Disk".  I.e., the music was ripped under Windows Media Player
(by my wife), and then scanned into MythMusic.

Exactly 7 of the titles on this album contain special characters like
this and 7 do not.  From mysql:

mysql> select tracknum, title from musicmetadata where album = 'The Most Famous Opera Duets' order by tracknum;
| tracknum | title                                                                                 |
|        2 | Madama Butterfly (Madame Butterfly), opera: Act I: Vogliatemi Bene, Un Bene Piccolino |
|        3 | Le nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro), opera, K. 492: Act 3: Sull'aria          |
|        4 | La Traviata, opera: Act I: Un Di, Felice, Eterea                                      |
|        5 | Tristan und Isolde, opera, WWV 90: Act II: O Sink Hernieder, Nacht Der Lieb           |
|       10 | Der Rosenkavalier, opera, Op. 59: Act II: Mir Ist Die Ehre Widerfahren                |
|       13 | Lucia di Lammermoor, opera: Act I:  Ah! Verranna A Te Sull'Aure                       |
|       14 | Il Trovatore, opera: Act IV: Miserere...Quel Suon, Quelle Preci                       |
7 rows in set (0.00 sec)

These are the exact titles which do not contain any special characters
(i.e., characters > 128).  The rest simply have no record at all in the
musicmetadata table.

Can this be fixed?

Please contact me if any additional information is needed.


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