[mythtv] RE: Re:DVB Audio Sync Issues

Ian J. White ijwhite at totalise.co.uk
Sat Aug 23 17:41:59 EDT 2003


Thanks for the reply.

I wouldn't have said that the signal breaks up. There is very occasional
glitches in the picture that result in the 'blocky' effect within the
picture. As I say this is occasional and the sync problems usually occur
before this happens.

I'm using a Nova-T card (rev. 1.2) and with the latest 1.0.0 linuxtv
drivers (grundig module). 

I've also tried it with the pre3, pre2 and pre1 drivers but its not much
better. I'll try just using dvbstream with mplayer and see if I still
get sync problems.

As for my graphics adapter I'm using a ATI radeon 7500.



MessageIan J. White wrote: 
> I have a problem with A/V sync with my DVB card. It all starts 
> fine but gradually goes out of sync and is noticeable after about 
> 5 minutes. Seeking backwards then forwards seems to put it back 
> into sync for a while then it will gradually go out of sync again. 

> I presume this is to do with occasional dropped frames? 

If the stream recorded breaks up on a regular basis, this is 
going to affect the playback, yes. 

Which make/model of DVB card are you using? 
Which driver release is in use with this card? 

> or is it something deeper than that? 
> Can it be solved by periodically checking the sync? 

If you have a nVidia Graphics Adapter, you should turn on: 
MythFrontend / Setup / TV Settings / Playback / Experimental A/V Sync 

And make sure you have a recent driver that supports this, 
which is at the moment 1.0-4363 (1.0-4496 is missing this feature). 

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