[mythtv] DVB Audio Sync Issues

Kenneth Aafloy ke-aa at frisurf.no
Fri Aug 22 23:11:04 EDT 2003

MessageIan J. White wrote:
> I have a problem with A/V sync with my DVB card. It all starts
> fine but gradually goes out of sync and is noticeable after about
> 5 minutes. Seeking backwards then forwards seems to put it back
> into sync for a while then it will gradually go out of sync again.

> I presume this is to do with occasional dropped frames?

If the stream recorded breaks up on a regular basis, this is
going to affect the playback, yes.

Which make/model of DVB card are you using?
Which driver release is in use with this card?

> or is it something deeper than that?
> Can it be solved by periodically checking the sync?

If you have a nVidia Graphics Adapter, you should turn on:
MythFrontend / Setup / TV Settings / Playback / Experimental A/V Sync

And make sure you have a recent driver that supports this,
which is at the moment 1.0-4363 (1.0-4496 is missing this feature).


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