[mythtv] How does mythtv's recorder deal with changing channels..

Reza Naima reza at reza.net
Fri Aug 22 03:18:14 EDT 2003

Ok, I've spent a few hours now playing with the audio code, and still
can't locate what happens when a channel is changed.  It seems as if the
audio code is only initalized once in the NuppelRecorder, and that
although the audio is mutted and unmuted while the channel changes --
it's only effecting the mixer, and thus doesn't really do anything to
the audio.

my guess is that the audio gets out of sync (as in what is being
recorded) as the channel changes.  First off, does anyone else
experience this?  Secondly, I've been trying to track down the code that
deals with the NuppelRecorder and how it changes channels but have been
uncessessfull.  Does anyone have any idea of what file/function/methods
are relevant here?


On Wed, Aug 20, 2003 at 03:53:40PM -0700, Reza Naima sent me this...
> I'm using an external cable tuner, and when I change channels in live
> tv, the audio starts to stutter and sounds clipped as well.  I know very
> little about  the sound drivers, so I was hoping to get a pointer in the
> right direction (as in which files or modules contain the relevant
> code)...
> I'm running the AT kernel with the relevant AT alsa RPMS on an ASUS
> Pundit with the intel8x1 driver.  Though I'm convinced the problem is
> with myth... (I also tried native alsa support and it had the same
> problems)
> Reza

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