[mythtv] Transcoding, MPEG2, streaming

Geoffrey Hausheer ou401cru02 at sneakemail.com
Thu Aug 21 15:16:21 EDT 2003

Well, thanks to Russ, I have an MPEG out of a PVR250 that I can use for
fixing the transcoder.
Here's what I know so far:
1) The streaming stuff doesn't work at all because I forgot about non-mp3
2) Audio doesn't seem to work at all
3) Video works fine (non-streaming)

I have a fix for (1) already (it is trivial), which allows me to stream
video to mplayer, and it looks fine.  I thought I had a fix for (2) as
well (there is an obvious bug), but I am no longer near my PC, and the
audio in mplayer seems to need to run at ~27kHz in order to maintain
audio/video read-rate, but the audio is actually encoded at 48kHz.  I
assume this means when I actually get home and can watch the output, that
the audio will be complete junk.  Anyhow, I will ocntinue working on it,
and will send a patch when I've actually got a workable solution.  The
A/V sync stuff doesn't seem to work well with MPEG2 either, but I dunno
if that is a problem with the sync code, or an artifact of the sound
problems I'm currently experiencing (sound problems happen regardless of
whether I have the sync enabled or not)

Anyhow, that's where I stand today.  I'll be pretty busy for the next
couple of days, so don't expect the patch too soon.


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