[mythtv] Getting started myth development

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
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>I am interested in starting to learn and experiment with myth code.
>I am experience developer in many languages on windows but not in linux.
>I have a couple of questions:

First of all, please don't send HTML- or RTF-formatted mail to a mailing

>Is there any where I can go to get some insight into how myth code is setup
>the functions of different parts of the code?

Not that I know of; my approach is usually centered around wanting to
add/fix a specific feature, I just start poking around in the code from the
top down... try to find the relevant source file, and trace a path from the
external stimulus (user action, scheduled event, whatever) down.

>What development environment or tools are most myth developers using?

Your favorite text editor + a terminal window seems to be the favorite among
the primary Myth developers.  Two of the most popular IDEs for Linux are
KDevelop and 'anjuta'.  If you're coming from a M$ environment, you might
find it more comfortable to share a directory with Samba and use your
favorite Windows IDE to browse and edit the code, and just use a remote
Linux terminal to do the compiling.


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