[mythtv] Caller ID

Ken Bass kbass at kenbass.com
Wed Aug 20 14:50:15 EDT 2003

I want to add support for Caller ID. I'm new to the code
and it will take some time to find my way around. Any pointers
on where to look at?

When the phone rings and a caller id modem produces the Callers Name / 
Number I want it
to show on the screen (I assume that is called the OSD).

I'm thinking
a) Do I need to modify the 'themes' to allow a theme to specify where on 
the screen to
put several fields (e.g.; Caller Name, Caller Phone Number, Icon [such as 
b) Do I modify the OSD portion of libmythtv to tie this in?
c) I want the myth portion to be listening to a 'caller id' socket. There 
will be a defined
API structure for communicating over the UDP? socket. A caller id backend 
task will
handle interfacing with a caller id capable modem and producing the UDP 
That client can run local or on another machine for those who want to run 

Any ideas/suggestions/pointers?

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