[mythtv] Needs info to debug..

Reza Naima reza at reza.net
Mon Aug 18 22:02:37 EDT 2003

Well, I'm getting crashes when I try to browse the EPG.  It seems that
the mythfrontend is doing something to request file transfers, and after
some number of these, mythbackend dies.  I've added the +debug flag,
recompiled -- but this does no good.  Using gdb only accelerates the
crashing of the application (almost instantly when I enter EPG and try
changing a channel) with no additional information displayed -- the bt
command states that there is a register problem.

I want to have a go at debugging this problem, however, I've no
understaning of the high-level topology of how the mythfrontend and
mythbackend talk to each other, what it means to be a 'player' and what
it means when it wants to 'transfer a file' and why it's doing this in
the first place..   

Even after the backend crashes, the front end still works, still is able
to browse the EPG, but the video in the top right has frozen.  Well, if
it works, then why does it require file transfers when the channel
changes -- and only some channels (like ever 5th one, but not
consistantly), and never when scrolling horisontally though the times --
only when scrolling through the channels vertically..

In any case, can someone either give me a quick high-level overview the code
(at least the mythfrontend/mytbackend communications and what the
backend is serving exactly..) or point me to any docs -- if they exist,
Mythtv* is a huge application and it'll take me forever to figure out
how it works by just looking at the source. 


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