[mythtv] MythChannels droped.

Dan Conti dconti at acm.wwu.edu
Mon Aug 18 14:40:54 EDT 2003

Dude, if the changes are so simple, why didn't you just make them and
check them in? You seem to take way too much pleasure in arguing the issue
rather than working towards a constructive end. If people dont want to
contribute patches to your criteria, and aren't willing to change, then
dont accept the patches and move on. But dont pull this routine of
refusing to accept his patches, then badgering the dude on his way out the

It seems like it would benefit you to take a moment and realize that
everybody is making contributions in their free time; people tend to fill
their free time with things they enjoy, and arguing with other people over
the internet is something that many people do not enjoy. So perhaps rather
than taking an argumentative tone with people who attempt to patch your
code or contribute, you should make the best of it. This is the open
source campground, please do not light the other campers on fire.

On Mon, 18 Aug 2003, Ben Bucksch wrote:

> Ben Bucksch wrote:
> > Your patch:
> > -                  " pids "
> > +                  " vpids, apids "
> > What I asked for instead:
> > -                  " pids "
> > +                  " pids_vid, pids_aud, pids_ac3, pids_teletext,
> > pids_subtitle, pids_other "
> (I should add for understanding: From Ramon's patch:
>  (
>      listingid VARCHAR(20) NULL,
> -    pids VARCHAR(50),
> +    vpids VARCHAR(50),
> +    apids VARCHAR(50),
> +    adpids VARCHAR(50),
> +    tpids VARCHAR(50),
> +    ppids VARCHAR(50),
>      freq INT UNSIGNED,
> i.e. there were a field added for AC3 etc., which were never used. And
> no field for other PID types.)
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