[mythtv] transcoding with cutlist

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Mon Aug 18 13:28:58 EDT 2003

> I've done some work with mythmkmovie, to support PVR-250's and cutlists.
> That patch is with the author, awaiting approval.  I know Michael's
> (mythmkmovie author) goal for mkmovie was just to provide a temporary fix
> until something more permanent became available.  It has become a
> nicely-featured package, good for the long haul, IMO.  Adapting it to a
> working transcode solution sounds permanent to me :-)

mythmkmovie is slick, but imho the interface could use a bit of work
(actually, my only complaint there is that it lists ALL shows in one big
list - I have about 150 recorded shows, and that gets messy - rather
than first showing a list of shows, having you select one, and then
showing a list of episodes from that show).  My hope with my script
(nuvexport, as it came to be named) was to go together with mythmkmovie,
but split all interface routines into separate objects...  so all of the
encode/decode stuff would be the same, but we could plug whatever
interface we wanted onto it - curses, text, tk, etc)

> The recent work with mythtranscode (specifically, the fifo stuff) *should*
> allow mythtranscode to handle cutlists, splitting the post-cutlist output
> into separate video and audio streams.  We can then use any other tools to
> transcode/remux these raw streams as required.  Right?

Yes.  Though as I understand it, transcode may not work well with mpeg2
files.  it already handles the cutlist stuff beautifully (at least with
mpeg4 and presumably rtjpeg) - saved myself about 10 gigs so far, and
another 15-20 gigs worth of commercials left to cut out.  the fifo stuff
seems to work well, too, with minor audio sync issues, and the weirdness
that ffmpeg can't figure out the frame size of the raw video on its
own.  At least the latter of those two should also be resolved soon.


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