[mythtv] Re: [BUG] MythMusic - No change of audio if new song selected during pause

thor mythtv at lamedomainname.com
Sun Aug 17 18:43:04 EDT 2003

On Monday 18 August 2003 12:10 am, you wrote:
> Hello thor,
>   Just put this in your todo, not a big deal but it's there.
>   1. Get up a playlist with two songs (or more)
>   2. Start playing the first song.
>   3. Pause it.
>   4. Go down to the second song and start playing it.
>   This  will result in the GUI displaying exactly what it should, but the
> paused first song starts to play again, thus the wrong audio is beeing
> played.

	I've copied this to -dev as I'm currently travelling and don't have a working 
set of mythmusic sources with me. Someone on the list should be able to solve 
this relatively easily. If no one gets around to it, I'll take care of it 
when I get back.

- thor

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