[mythtv] MythChannels checkin review (was: DVB todo list)

Ben Bucksch linux.news at bucksch.org
Mon Aug 18 14:22:46 EDT 2003

Ramon Roca wrote:

>We can label it "under development" or "unstable", but having it at CVS will help others to test/contribute (including you).
>If you think that there is really a *stop issue* to be adressed before going to CVS, please tell exactly which one is, I'll be happy to answer/fix whatever applies.
I was talking mainly about the changes to existing code and the DB. You 
can't really say there "I'll fix it later". As for what concretely I had 
in mind, see my first post in the thread "DVB Big PATCH, Part I - for 
CVS pls", from 04 Aug 2003 17:36:45 +0200.

 From my post, what I consider a *must* change is:

    * All the PID stuff
    * The freq conversion (not) in the backend
    * The caps change in the enum (first item in my list) (to avoid
      later changes to the users' databases)

I also have a really bad feeling with the number of new tables. I 
personally think that every new table makes it harder to find your way 
around in MythTV, esp. for new developers and advanced users who look at 
the database, and harder to navigate it in GUI DB tools. You're adding 
something like 10 new tables. Use as many tables as really absolutely 
necessary, but no more. I haven't looked enough on it, though, to be 
able to say, if you really need all or could reasonably get rid of some.

Note that I didn't look at all at the MythChannels code itself (the part 
which doesn't touch existing code), so I can't say anything about that.

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