[mythtv] DVB aspect ratio

Ben Bucksch linux.news at bucksch.org
Mon Aug 18 12:31:02 EDT 2003

Edward Wildgoose wrote:

>The problem appears to be that the BBC has some wierd way of indicating when it is broadcasting 4:3 format which nothing yet understands.  There are some specs for the format floating around though (I don't have a reference on me).
If I understand things correctly: That's a pretty silly format. It 
wastes available resolution. And the standard way to signal the ration 
in the MPEG stream should work anyways, because the stations change the 
format in the middle of the stream anyways (as I understood it).

>I guess that more generally a "Letterbox", "Pan and Scan" type toggle would be really nice for us 4:3 users generally.  I could see that this would be useful for DVD viewing, etc as well.
Another idea would be a test in the player during playback, if there are 
black borders and then to automatically zoom it. You could then use 
basically the same code for movies, broadcasted as 16:9 (with black 
borders) on e.g. PAL and watched on a 16:9 TV, i.e. the other way around 
(16:9 sent as 4:3, not 4:3 sent as 16:9).

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