[mythtv] DVB & mythchannels

Ramon Roca ramon.roca at xcombo.com
Mon Aug 18 12:02:47 EDT 2003

Thanka for your interest Simon,
btw, which dvb type are you using? (cable/terrestrial/satellite)

> i've installed it on current CVS and i must be doing something stupid
well, very often when you find the cause of a bug you will think that was a
stupid mistake =)

> - any change i make to the details of a channel is ignored
In the chanMetadata::updateDatabase function at metadata.cpp, you'll see
cout/cerr lines that tells you which sqlo statements are being executed, be
sure first that you get those outputs while updating, looking to those
statements we also might be able to diagnose what was wrong with the update,
if it's on the channel table or channel_dvb table, etc...

> - the preview doesn't appear; dispite changing "MythTV" to "mplayer" in
> database
Umm, I assume that you're using DVB-s, with analog, is the ony preview that
is currently present. A lot to do here... TuneToDVBs at channelsplayer.cpp
is where the commands are being executed, and with the latest version of
mythchannels I do think that there is alredy some debug messages telling you
which commands are being executed, so with cut&paste you can test manually
their syntax.

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