[mythtv] DVB todo list (was: DVB & mythchannels)

Ben Bucksch linux.news at bucksch.org
Mon Aug 18 11:23:03 EDT 2003

Ramon Roca wrote:

> "todo" list

Current status is:

    * Recording works, incl. AC3 and arbitary PIDs.
    * Playback, incl. AC3 and 16:9, works.
    * LiveTV sometimes crashes during channel changes. (still true?)
    * CAM support is being worked on (by Kenneth)
    * Setup (channel config, channel list import) is being worked on (by
    * use_ts = 1, i.e. software PID filtering in MythTV (when grabbing
      the whole TS, not using the card's / driver's
    * PID filtering) is reportedly broken (1 report, please confirm)

Still unsolved is:

    * Seeking/skipping is reportedly broken (1 report, please confirm)
    * Core MythTV support for several simlutanous recordings per card
      (DVB code should support it)
    * Free DVB and encrypted DVB and analog coexistance, e.g.
          o Station vs. channel separation
          o Card switching in LiveTV
          o Scheduled recordings on a certain card or card type (related
            to recording profile, which is now configurable per
            scheduled recording?) or alternatively priorisation (give
            the better card to a certain recording)
    * Reportedly, some UK stations are dumb enough to send 4:3 material
      as 16:9, creating thick, black borders on all 4 sides of the picture.
    * Kenneth is working on / wanted to work on automatic PID selection
      using the Program Map Table and your prefs.
    * libdvbdev could use a rework (would help use_ts=1)

Thanks to zaheer, Kenneth, Isaac and Ramon for the contributions, and 
all the general MythTV contributors, of course.

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