[mythtv] DVB & mythchannels

Ramon Roca ramon.roca at xcombo.com
Mon Aug 18 10:38:59 EDT 2003

I'm back from vacations! =)

Umm, looking to the lists, I've seen more people starting to use DVB! more stability for the DVB playback.. nice!!!

Also people using mythchannels for setup. I'll try to find out the reports I've seen about any detected problem. With a first quick look to the mails on the lists and those sent directly to me, some of them seems unclear, now I'll have (some) time to work on it, so please, anybody who run into any trouble please get back to me to fix whatever happened or clarify any question. That will help me to get in the track.

I'll appreciate any reports of what is working, with my hardware I can't test all the possible features: which analog scans has worked with which card and in which countries/method, loading methods for DVB channels, etc.

On the DVB, since it has many DVB-specific issues, I'm thinking on compiling all the available doc together and building some kind of "todo" list. Sometimes I do see a confussion reporting a problem on something that maybe is still pending, may also be helpful if anyone is interested in contributing... Don't will be that be interesting?
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