[mythtv] automatic CPU detection

Rick Altherr kc8apf at kc8apf.net
Sun Aug 17 18:52:09 EDT 2003

The only thing you need to be careful of is processors outside of Intel. 
I've successfully compiled MythTV on PPC.  I ended up having to comment
out a lot of code that uses MMX since the assembler on PPC has no idea
what those instructions are.

A better solution may be to create ifdef'd blocks of code for each CPU
type and then runtime checks for features present (MMX, SSE, Altivec). 
That way it can be compiled on anything and impliments advanced features
when possible.
Rick Altherr
kc8apf at kc8apf.net

Simon Kenyon said:
> it seems that automatic CPU detection code is built into myth
> but nevertheless the code is ifdef'd in a lot of places for things like
> would it make sense to replace these compile time tests with a runtime
> check on invocation and then appropriate if/then/else code
> assuming that i have this right - is this something that is planned?
> i currently run mythtv on a VIA C3, a Pentium III and shortly on an
> Athlon being able to build once would be "a good thing"
> also; is it possible/feasable to implement deinterlacing on a C3
> right now it seg faults
> the investigation of this led to the above questions about MMX
> i *can* work my way around the code - so if deemed appropriate
> i'll have a go at making the code dynamic
> comments?
> --
> simon

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