[mythtv] cutlists and transcoding

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Sun Aug 17 15:41:43 EDT 2003

> Well, if you get anything semi-usable from the stream based stuff, I would
> appreciate it if you could let me know... thanks.

here's what I used last night..   You can also add in a call to
yuvdenoise (I'd suggest it, but it's about 2-3 times slower).  By the
time the 1-hour show (minus commercials was about 44 minutes) was done
encoding, mythtranscode was using about 300 megs of RAM.

You'll need to adjust the frame size and rate according to your settings
(ffmpeg can't seem to detect them from the raw stream input) - along
with any mpeg2enc settings you might want (you could probably bump
quantisation down - lower=better - to 4 or 5 and still fit 45 minutes of
video onto one 800 meg cd)...  Run the programs from 3 separate
terminals, or background each of them...

mkdir fifo
mythtranscode -f fifo -s ......

nice -n 19 ffmpeg -f rawvideo -s 640x480 -r 29.97 -i fifo/vidout \
 -f yuv4mpegpipe - | nice -n 19 yuvscaler -v 0 -n n -M BICUBIC -O SVCD \
 | nice -n 19 mpeg2enc --format 5 --quantisation 10 --video-bitrate 2500 \
 --aspect 2 --frame-rate 4 --interlace-mode 0 \
 --motion-search-radius 32 --video-buffer 300 --nonvideo-bitrate 192 \
 --sequence-length 795 --multi-thread 2 -o test.mpv

nice -n 19 toolame -m j -b 192 fifo/audout test.mp2

lastly, when things are done:

tcmplex -m s -i test.mpv -p test.mp2 -o test.mpg

use tcmplex (mplex sucks for svcd)

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