[mythtv] Re:ALSA patch

Frank Martelli frank at foodsavvy.com
Sun Aug 17 13:37:18 EDT 2003

Is there a simple mysql command that I can use to try the 'native' ALSA
devices?  I'm having audio problems that I think are OSS-related and would
like to give this a shot, but I'm not certain what to do beyond:

$ mysql -u root
mysql> USE mythconverg

Also, is the 'alsa patch' contained in the 0.11 CVS release?



>There is no way to select ALSA output via the configuration interface
yet, so you'll have to set it manually in the database. Set the
>"AudioOutputDevice" configuration parameter to "ALSA:<alsadevice>". So,
for most people, set it to "ALSA:default".

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