[mythtv] [PATCH] Add streaming output to transcoder

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Sat Aug 16 22:31:57 EDT 2003

Is there any way to buffer the fifos themselves, rather than filling up
RAM?  basically, spit audio and video at the exact same time, decoding
only as much of the nuv as the slowest fifo.  After all, it's not like
we NEED the audio or video to finish faster.  My guess is that most
encoding programs will be smart enough to buffer their reads against a
slow input, and just wait on the fifo to spit out more data.

I'm just transcoding an hour-long show (before commercial cut) and
seeing my RAM get eaten up pretty quickly (well, relatively) after the
audio encode speeds up.  I have a gig of RAM, so I'm not too worried,
but some people might have less (my myth box only has 512).

Also, it might be nice to have mythtranscode give some sort of
progress/timestamp on the console, so we could tell how far it's
gotten.  It's pretty easy to do this by just printing data, and then a
\r to reset the cursor but not add a newline.

anyway, when mplayer worked, it was an easier solution, but this is
definitely a cool addition.  I'll let you all know how my test svcd
encode comes out.


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