[mythtv] transcoding with cutlist

Martin Moeller martin at martinm-76.dk
Thu Aug 14 22:55:27 EDT 2003

Well, I have transcoded 3 shows now. Only the last one had commercials
in it (and just one block). Looking at the original in MythTV and the
resulting avi (this is a cartoon, so the amount of lipsynch you can
count on is, well, questionable) both looked about the same.

I would say this is *very* usable. At least to me :)

tor, 2003-08-14 kl. 20:41 skrev Geoffrey Hausheer:
[sample output from the transcoding process]
> Yep, that looks pretty good.  I'm glad it works well for PAL too.  Does
> the audio/video sync look okay through the show (especially near the
> end)?  More importantly, is this useful enough for me to continue working
> on it?
It looks (and sounds) exactly like it should, as far as I can tell.

> By the way, I don't recommend using that mythtranscode with mythtv (i.e.
> don't hit 'X' while watching a recording).  It is PROBABLY safe, but I
> wouldn't wnat to bet my nuv's on it.
Havent tried it, but it's good to be warned in advance :)

> To make this generally useful, (a) MPlayer 1.0 should come out, otherwise
> users need to build from CVS, (b) I need to cleanup the patch, and do
> whatever is needed for audio/video sync (this will probably only be an
> issue when dealing with commercial-cuts), (c) there needs to be some
> script that will automate these steps for the user.
I may look into making a (simple) script for this. Maybe Michael will be
interested as well and make mythmkmovie II?
Oh: Is it also possible to transcode to a different resolution if you so
desire using another profile than Transcode? It's not likely to happen
for me (except maybe for some music videos), but it'd be good to know.

> I am willing to do the work needed for (b), (a) is obviously out of our
> hands, but mplayer 1.0, is due out 'any day now'.  (c) is really
> important, and something I have no interest in doing.  There are already
> two scripts I'm aware of (mythmkmovie and mythencode), and I've never
> used either.  Is anyone interested in doing this?  For me it was mostly
> just the novelty of 'can I do this?', which I have satisfactorily
> answered with 'yes'.  Since the only use I would ever have for this is to
> convert nuvs into DVD, and that process is still too painful to be
> worthwhile, there is no strong compulsion for me to finish this and add
> more code to the transcoder, unless someone is actually planning on using
> it.
> .Geoff
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