[mythtv] bug? setting record while watching PiP "locks" second tuner

Thomas Lunde tlunde at mac.com
Thu Aug 14 01:06:51 EDT 2003

I'm using Myth 0.10 from the RPMs available as of a couple of days ago 
from atrpms, so if this has already been fixed in CVS, sorry.

Short Description of the problem:
While watching live TV and with Picture-in-Picture on, I go to the on 
screen menu and select to record the current program.  This activates 
the recording of the "foregound" program normally, but it renders my 
secondary tuner unavailable until after I exit mythbackend and restart 

Long Description of the Problem:
While watching live TV and with Picture-in-Picture on, I go to the on 
screen menu and select to record the current program.
(So far I've only tried it with recording once, but I doubt that that 
matters.)  I can continue to watch the program (and PiP is still on), 
but I can now not change either channel.

If I leave Live TV and try to return to it, I get a message that all 
available tuners are busy.  (I have a PVR-250 and a bttv card, fwiw.)  
If I go to the Watch Recordings, I can see that Myth is recording the 
show which was in the "foreground" when I started the recording.  The 
show was was in the PiP window does not appear in the listings.

If I then go to the Delete Recordings area and delete the current 
recording, I can return to watching Live TV.  However, my ability to 
turn on PiP is gone.

Until I exit mythfrontend and restart mythbackend, I can't get PiP 
back.  Restarting these processes, however, returns the system to 
normal.  I do not need to restart the computer, load/unload any 
drivers, etc.

In poking around the file system, I can see that normally there is a 
file in /var/cache/mythtv called ringbufX.nuv where X is equal to the 
number of the tuner + 1.  (Which seems a bit odd; I would have guessed 
that it'd be tuner0 -> ringbuf0 etc.)  Before activating the problem 
area, as I enter and exit the Live TV mode (and turn and off the PiP), 
the ringbuf files come and go as the tuners are activated.  
Interestingly, when I 'activate' the problem, ringbuf2.nuv (the one for 
the bttv card that provides the PiP) gets turned and does not get 
turned off until I restart mythbackend.

It sounds like the problem likes in the database calls which mark 
tuners as available and unavailable, rather than with the actual 
recording of the shows.  The second is being marked as status-recording 
because it was "in use" at the time the recording was turned on when it 
need not be.

Please let me know if I can provide more information.  And THANKS for a 
great PVR!


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