[mythtv] Danish translation updates...

Martin Moeller martin at martinm-76.dk
Wed Aug 13 23:49:47 EDT 2003

Hi there.

I took the time to update mythtv, mythmusic, mythdvd, mythgame,
mythvideo and mythweather to better reflect the danish language and to
translate what hadn't already been.

In the cases where there are -dk-pure.diff files also, these contain
strictly the parts that affect the danish translation. Those without
also updates the .ts files for all other languages with status messages.

Do you need the .qm files also or is this enough?

I hope this can make it in before the 0.11 update...


PS: I'm sending it as a .tar.gz archive because the original message was
too big. Apparently it soared to nearly 80 KB even though is ought to
have stayed below 40 as far as I can tell. Anyway here are the

Martin Moeller <martin at martinm-76.dk>
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