[mythtv] back-to-back recordings

Chad J McQuinn chadmcquinn at insightbb.com
Tue Aug 12 23:02:10 EDT 2003

Using the latest CVS:

I saw in the list archives that there was an issue with back-to-back 
recordings sometimes not working. I have a three-tuner system split 
across two backends. Tonight I had two recordings scheduled at the same 
time (8PM-9PM). One of those recordings was scheduled to occur after 
another recording on the same channel. Reading through my backend log, 
the following is what happened:

7PM: Recording from channel 55 on first tuner. Happened fine.

8PM: Tuner #1 records the first program on channel 11. Tuner #2 
attempts to record the second program on channel 55, but fails with the 
following message:

But current state is: 1
Changing from WatchingLiveTV to None

and this is followed by the message that the second program on channel 
55 DID start recording (it did not; it is not in the program list, 
there is no entry in the database, there is no file in the video 
directory, and both the second and third tuners were free during the 
8PM-9PM timeslot).

So the two back-to-back programs on channel 55 were scheduled to be 
recorded on different tuners, and yet the second program failed to 
record. Looking through the log (it goes back quite a while), this has 
happened several times in the last couple of weeks.

I do have myth set to record for 120 seconds beyond the end of a 
program, and 120 seconds before. While I do generally get the pre-roll 
time, I don't seem to get the 120 seconds after anymore. I don't know 
if that is related to this problem.

Is anyone else still having a problem with back-to-back recordings on 
the same channel?


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