[mythtv] DVB working, and some questions

matt.jarvis at philips.com matt.jarvis at philips.com
Tue Aug 12 10:40:42 EDT 2003

Well I have DVB up and running, after much fiddling with the database. 
Mythchannels does bad things to my database if I try and add dvb sources 
when I already have existing analogue sources. It breaks all the input 
connections which I have setup already, and I have to redo them manually. 
Anyhow, I now have DVB running, switching channels and recording - 
although with the occasional crash on switching to a channel with 
different res or occasionally just freezing with a backend stuffed in 
ringbuffer error or similar.

PiP also works, although it would be nice to switch between the cards 
whilst watching livetv - but I understand this can't be done at the moment 
? Is there any way to choose which card livetv uses, without resorting to 
editing the database ? I'm also a bit confused about prioritising the 
cards - I'd like it to automatically switch to the analogue card for 
watching livetv ( unless it is in use ), how do I do this - is it the 
ordering of the cards in the database ?

I'm also having some problems getting the DVB drivers to autoload - I'm 
using the cvs DVB from linux tv, and have tried all the suggested ways of 
editing modules.conf to get the drivers to load but none of them seem to 
work. Can someone else post how they have got the drivers autoloading ?

Does the use_ts setting need to be set to 1 for a Nova-T card, if so does 
the shareable setting also need to be set to Y ? and finally how do I 
associate the DVB channels with channels already in my other table ( for 
EPG and listing purposes - as they are already being grabbed by my grabber 
for my analogue card ). Hope someone can help with my questions :)

Great work generally though


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