[mythtv] MythDVD (mplayer) locks when displayed on 2nd X server

thor mythtv at lamedomainname.com
Mon Aug 11 13:34:28 EDT 2003

On Monday 11 August 2003 03:57 pm, Michael Thomson wrote:

> However, mplayer (when started by mythdvd) works fine on the LCD panel, but
> hangs on the TV! The mplayer process is started, but the screen never moves
> from the mythdvd "Play DVD" button, and the DVD isn't spun up.

	I dunno. Couple thoughts though ... Do you have -vo xv defined on your 
mplayer command string and no XV acceleration on the tv out server? Is 
mplayer not able to find -display localhost:1 (as opposed to :0)?

> Can anyone suggest a way to understand what mplayer is looking for or
> getting upset about?

	MythDVD is just launching a system call with whatever you define as the 
command string. So, if you can sit in a terminal window on the LCD and get 
mplayer to display to the TV, just use exactly the same command line in 
MythDVD setup.

- thor

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