[mythtv] [PATCH] transcoding with cutlist fixes

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Mon Aug 11 21:20:03 EDT 2003

> Interesting.  I had checked it and it seemed to mostly work (but I think
> I still got the last frame of the original program).  The code doesn't
> specifically handle that cas,e so there is probably a small amount of
> work needed.  I'll look at it again.

hmm, that may be the case, too.  the part cut out at the end was under a
second long, so I guess how I could mistake one frame for a second or

> You should see a message on the backend machine saying "Reencoding video
> in 'raw' mode" whenever it is able to skip the reencoding step.  Please
> report any other issues (especially any issues related to processing the
> cutlist).  I don't use commercial-skip much (as opposed to the
> auto-transcoding which I use all the time), so I am less likely to notice
> bugs in that code.

well, I'm using it specifically for cutting out commercials, since i'll
be archiving most stuff to svcd and the cutlist/edl stuff with
mplayer/mpeg2enc doesn't work right.

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