[mythtv] MythVideo BUG - update

Pyroman[FO] pyroman at ninjapanda.org
Sun Aug 10 20:49:35 EDT 2003

This is also a problem with the MythGame GUI, which has an image on the 
bottom.  The image element won't disappear regardless of the draworder, 
and ignores the position and size set in the theme.


 >On CVS checked out this morning, setting draworder = -1 on the 
 >"video_poster" image in video-ui.xml does absolutely nothing. 
Changing >the other "videoinfo" elements to draworder=-1 causes them to 
 >disappear, but the video_poster is always there as long as there is no 
 >cover image.  The "No Cover Image" image is always shown regardless. 
 >Moving the coordinates offscreen, the staticsize to 0,0, or moving the 
 >coordinates anywhere at all is ignored.  Any ideas on how to get rid 
of >the cover image?

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