[mythtv] Odd OSD behaviour

WeaselGod mythtv at firelizards.com
Sun Aug 10 16:49:47 EDT 2003

Has anyone noticed that when you use the OSD to do things like setup and 
configuration, the mouse disappears when going over the drop downs or 
any input section? (text areas, input boxes, etc.) It makes it really 
hard to guess where you should click.  Also, I wouldn't mind it so much 
if I could just use "tab" to go between things and then the "up and down 
arrows" to select from the drop down.  I would expect space to let me 
select and unselect things that are check boxes as well.  Now, I find 
that tab does switch between things, but I can't seem to alter though 
options once I tab to them.

So, is there a bug here or am I missing something.  Let me know.

Some info:

Linux revision: Mandrake 9.1
Video: NForce2
Capture: PVR250
Window Manager: KDE


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