[mythtv] transcoder documentation.

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Sat Aug 9 19:48:03 EDT 2003

> I know of no way to recreate a profile, but I could probably add a switch
> to use the same profile as in the recorded file (assuming enough info
> exists)

well, I won't wait for it.  guess I try to transcode something now.

> Isaac has basically said he has no interest in a software MPEG2 encoder
> in mythtv.  Adding a special encoder for commercial cutting is
> non-trivial, and not something I have much interest in doing.

bbmpeg (aka bbtools, I think) doesn't encode, it just splits and joins. 
mpeg2 encoding in itself is EXTREMELY complicated, and also requires a
commercial license - much like mpeg4 will whenever "they" decide what
mpeg4 will be (only the pricing structure has been decided at the

It'd be useful for splitting commercials out of mpeg2 files without

> mythtranscode just takes in a nuv and writes out a .tmp file.  the
> mythbackend takes care of renaming and whatnot.

ah, cool.  so if I run it manually, I'll just get the output.  cool,
thanks for the clarification.  I just got confused when you talked about
keeping copies of the shows around after transcoding.


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