[mythtv] Re: [mythtv-commits] mythtv commits

Mark Edwards mark at edwards.homelinux.net
Sun Aug 10 09:40:23 EDT 2003

mmm. Apologies this occurred Isaac. I'm building and testing on a pretty
much stock RH 8 box with a customised kernel - nearly all audio-related
packages are rpm's from CCRMA. Only way I can get this to compile has always
been to put in  the additional includes into settings.pro ... Is there
anything you can suggest to allow me to get my build environment aligned
with the rest of the dev team so that this doesn't occur...?

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> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Changes committed by ijr on Sat Aug  9 16:57:10 2003
> Modified Files:
>    in mythmusic:
>         settings.pro
> Log Message:
> Remove those includes from Mark Edwards' recent patch -- they break
> due to flac having it's own assert.h
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