[mythtv] native lirc support and qt

Dan Conti dconti at acm.wwu.edu
Fri Aug 8 14:12:51 EDT 2003


I spoke a bit too soon on native lirc support with qt 3.0 - it doesn't
work. Everything compiles ok, but only about 10% of the keystrokes made it
through, and all took as long as 10 seconds to be reflected in the UI.

Given this, if i submitted a patch that #error'd on qt < 3.1 in lirc.cpp
and cleaned up the #ifdef's, would it be accepted?

The second part is qt 3.2. I upgraded from 3.0 to 3.2 and everything runs
correctly, but qt-mt has a dependency on libfreetype now. I'm wondering if
maybe i didn't configure it properly - has anyone else tried qt 3.2?


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