[mythtv] DB Interaction and Renaming

Matt Perry cwd at cs.bu.edu
Thu Aug 7 23:12:08 EDT 2003

Hi all,

I was wondering if there was a spec written up as far as MythTV's MySQL 
database interaction is set up.

What I'm looking to do is set up a script that run via a cron job to go 
through the "recorded programs" (mythweb) listing, take all the entries in 
there, and rename/reencode/etc them, and take them out of the "recorded 
programs" listing.  The reason for this is simple but detailed: I'm leaving a 
TV ripping box at home while I go off to school where I do not have cable.  
I'm not really interested in watching recorded TV from Myth, because, well, I 
won't be in viewing distance.  I'd like the rips to be both renamed and 
reencoded so that they can be easily transferred and archived.  (I was 
originally going to write my own scheduler, but Myth has a great one, so why 
reinvent the wheel when I can just add to it?)

I really don't have time to read through all the source code, so if there was 
a spec or someone was willing to give me a brief outline of how the DBs work, 
that would be fantastic.

Alternately, if there's some sort of recording postcommand that I don't know 
about, that would also be equally fantastic.

	- Matt

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