[mythtv] [PATCH] External TV programs in MythTV (tvtime)

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Thu Aug 7 18:27:39 EDT 2003

Slightly modified version of this supporting multiple backends has been
committed to CVS.  Please pound on it some to make sure everything is OK
since the 0.11 release is coming sometime soon.

> This adds support for an EXECTV command in the xml menu files. MythTV 
> will lock the first locally available tuner and return the device 
> name(s) for it. After the command has finished the tuner will be 
> unlocked and Myth has access to it again.
> Usage:
> <action>EXECTV command %s %s %s</action>
> All of the %s are optional; the first one returns the videodevice (ex. 
> /dev/video0), the second is the dsp device (ex. /dev/dsp) and the third 
> is the vbi device (ex. /dev/vbi0). A command might be:
> xawtv -f -device %s -dspdev %s -vbidev %s
> or
> tvtime m -D %s
> Any recordings that are attempted when all tuners are locked will be 
> suppressed.
> jph



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