[mythtv] Support for .shn (shorten) audio format

Dan Conti dconti at acm.wwu.edu
Thu Aug 7 09:29:18 EDT 2003

This was what i was originally getting at. Taking this approach, of
supporting existing binary plugins that use the xmms plugin model, means it
doesn't have to be "in" mythmusic, it can be something that people who
really want shorten support and understand the terms of shn support choose
to download separately.

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> The coders over at shnutils.freeshell.org provide the xmms-shn
> package under
> the GPL (possibly the LGPL, not positive at the moment).  So, if
> one were to
> use the code provided in the xmms-shn package to enable shn playback under
> MythMusic, would that not be acceptable?
> Mike
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> On Thursday 07 August 2003 10:35 am, Mike Savage wrote:
> > Just an FYI...
> > From shorten source code located at...
> > http://shnutils.freeshell.org/shorten/source/shorten-3.5.1.tar.gz
> >
> > This software may not be sold or incorporated into any product which
> > is sold without prior permission from SoftSound.  When no charge is
> > made, this software may be copied and distributed freely.
> Exactly.  It's certainly not free, or anywhere near compatible
> with the GPL,
> which it would have to be to go into mythmusic.
> Isaac
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