[mythtv] MythMusic ID3 Tag issue

m0j0.j0j0 m0j0 at foofus.net
Thu Aug 7 11:20:08 EDT 2003

I ripped 4 CDs last night and added them into MythMusic. For some reason
MythMusic set the ID3 Genre DB field incorrectly for 2 of the 4 CDs.
Instead of "Folk", it used "FolkFolk" on one CD and "JazzJazz" on
another rather than "Jazz". All 4 CDs were ripped using Grip 3.0.6 and
MythMusic was checked out of CVS last night.

'id3info' claims that the Genre tag is really 'Folk'.

% id3info \(Kathleen\ Battle\)\ -\ Angels\ Watching\ Over\ Me.mp3

*** Tag information for (Kathleen Battle) - Angels Watching Over Me.mp3
=== TIT2 (Title/songname/content description): Angels Watching Over Me
=== TPE1 (Lead performer(s)/Soloist(s)): Kathleen Battle
=== TALB (Album/Movie/Show title): So Many Stars
=== TYER (Year): 1995
=== TRCK (Track number/Position in set): 07
=== TCON (Content type): (80)Folk
=== TLEN (Length): 57000
*** mp3 info
MPEG1/layer III
Bitrate: 192KBps
Frequency: 44KHz

Has anyone else seen this? Any ideas?


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