[mythtv] DVB in cvs suddenly poor quality

Kenneth Aafl°y ke-aa at frisurf.no
Thu Aug 7 13:29:56 EDT 2003

I wrote:
> Edward Wildgoose wrote:
> > I just changed from cvs on July 30th to cvs last night (6th Aug), and
> while viewing certain channels I get either audio which is way out of
> or really bad breakup of the picture and sound with a ton of errors
> scrolling up the console.  (Some channels are absolutely fine...)
> [..SNIP..]
> > Is anyone else seeing this behaviour with current cvs and DVB?
> Perfectly fine here (NEXUS-S w/CAM), even got the XvMC code up and running
> (Thanks a lot Isaac). Are you sure you have updated/rebuilt properly?

It seems my prev post was to hasty, it does not happen all the time though.


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